I'm Cris-Gaye Batson, a Jamaican coloratura soprano vocally fashioned by the astounding Dr Andrew Marshall of the Oakwood University. To produce the artiste I am today a Trinity of tropical parishes came into play; the coolness of Manchester, the richness of St Mary and the warmth of Kingston/St Andrew. My mission is the disseminate the wondrous news of salvation through singing ministry on a global platform. Gracing the stages of Jamaican government forums and Amazing facts as a soloist, Festival of Religious Liberty Freedom, touring the Cayman Island with Northern Caribbean University Chamber Choir as well as Pennsylvania with the Jamaica Chorale Scholars brought great joy to the audiences. This however didn't stop the seemingly insurmountable obstacles placed in my way as one of the Lord's mouthpieces. The words of this single brought life to me when Jesus lifted me out of some dark and desolate circumstances. I was reminded once again not to be afraid. God would have always been my ever present help in my time of trouble. Thus the single's title was coined "You're not alone"

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