I'm Glad

by Tommy CCT

Released 2017
Cc Thomas
Released 2017
Cc Thomas
This single is from my NEW CD Title “I`M Glad” This one is for everyone that have a wife, or girl friend, or engaged, you should be glad, for that special someone in their lives, I dedicate this song to behalf of all the men to their special lady!
Friends words cannot explain about this single on my new CD I`M Glad, Please read some Review, First song," He Didn't Die."

First, let me say I love the rhythm and the funky groove! This song has a joyful, happy, fun sound from the beginning and the drums/bass are so nice. The words and the vocals are a good marriage, and pleasing to the ears. Letting the listener know that Jesus died for them, for everyone is a powerful message... The song could perhaps benefit by having a classical guitar in the mix, and a nice "solo"/interlude would make this song even sweeter than it is... My overall reaction to this song is "thumb's up". I would like to hear more of the song in it's entirety. This song is a great gospel song for all people regardless of their musical tastes... It makes me want to dance before the Lord! Keep up the great work. Michael D'Aigle
Reviewed by MICHAEL D'AIGLE Beginner on Sep 13
United States, Michigan, Flushing.

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