I`ve Been Renewed

by Tommy CCT

Released 2017
C C Thomas Production
Released 2017
C C Thomas Production

This song was written for a person that was totally destroyed in drugs gang’s and more. God as closed the door for her, she`s now a minister winning for God. He will do the same for you. Will you let him?
I`VE Been Renewed is one of those song that makes you look back into your lives! And realize you have to close the door of all the bad things the Enemy puts into your life. The Enemy has no good things to offer you more than sin and disgrace, he came to kill steal and destroyed, God came that we may have life and have it more abundantly! Well we want that abundantly life in Christ! I have Close the door and move on to Gods promised for your life. This song will help restore your life
so you can close the door and live that abundantly life in Christ get it today. This Album pack with positive inspirational songs four ( 4) Genre of music, all songs inspired by the Master.

Track #1 ot this Album Diploma
Today, when I take a look around the world I see too many adults and young people struggling because they didn't get the chance to go to school. Sometimes those people become envious of how successful other people have gotten, and want that life for themselves. Unfortunately, they try to take get there the fast and easy but illegal way and end in jail or dying young. That's what inspired me to write this song.
If everyone walked the same road, what kind of world would we be living in today? There is a better way to achieve success. Life is a step by step journey. They say 'if you ride like lightening, you will crash like thunder'. Don't fall for the make fast money schemes. You can make it if you really try, but you must try...try...and try, trust the Father and believe in yourself. You shall reap what you sow. It's never to late to change and make the right decision.

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