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From: KeyloWick
On: March 22, 2014 @12:07 pm
Hey, We had met @ Number's Night Club in Houston, TX. Just keeping in contact. I appreciate your music and what it does for the community.
From: Jean
On: November 20, 2013 @08:43 pm
Keep up the good work, God bless.
From: carlton thomas Jr
On: May 07, 2013 @12:41 am
All the best to you Dad.
From: Viviene Forbes
On: September 04, 2012 @12:21 pm
Hi C.C.T I wish you Gods blessing on your endeavor, you music is great keep up the good works, One Love.
From: Erica Allen-McKenzie
On: July 04, 2012 @10:00 pm
Carlton you are the best. Love your songs they are very encouraging. God Bless.
From: Celine
On: April 29, 2012 @05:32 pm
i wish you all the best and success in the music world God bless you :)
From: Tony Gits
On: April 26, 2012 @11:57 pm
All the best Carlton, with your musical journey

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