The Akademia   Fri, Jul 22, 2016, 2:41 PM
Dear Minister Tommy CCT, We`re so please of your accomplishment and we`re  happy to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Country / Christian Song!

The Akademia <>

Fri, Jul 22, 2016, 2:42 PM

Dear Minister Tommy CCT,


We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Reggae Song for ‘Everything Is In Your Hands’ in the July 2016 Akademia Music Awards! The results are now available and public at:  This page includes the general announcement and some artist features.  This page lists all of the July 2016 winners in your review group.  This page is your permanent award certificate page.

Hot XR Radio Network- Chart Results!


The Akademia

Thu, Sep 6, 4:14 PM (9 days ago)
to me

Dear Minister Tommy CCT,

We hope that all is well with you! We just wanted to pass along some exciting news that was recently brought to our attention. Hot XR Radio Network which targets major cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Antonio recently collated their chart data from the past few months and forwarded the results to us. 

We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘Wave Of Success’ rose to the #1 position on the Christian / Gospel charts and held that position for an extended period of time during the month of February 2018! Chart position on Hot XR was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance.

Hot XR’s charts are prepared and circulated for the benefit of artists, record labels and related industry professionals. The radio station network also offers a commemorative award plaque to capture this achievement. This award is handcrafted using only the finest materials including red marblesque frame and polished anodized brass. If you are interested in ordering your Hot XR chart award, simply click on the below link and follow the instructions: 

Your Radio Campaign- Updates


The Akademia

Thu, Aug 30, 2:41 PM
to me
Dear Minister Tommy CCT,

Congratulations on a great month on radio! We have been informed that your song ‘Wave Of Success’ continued to have a strong performance worldwide in its latest month of heavy rotation. This is great news! Please click here to view your latest spin report, which now reflects a significant level of spins:
You can locate your song on the Christian / Gospel playlists of most stations. In most cases, you’ll want to tune in to the Christian / Gospel genre to hear your song in rotation.
Congratulations again on your success! We look forward to the continued expansion of your single, as well as the advancement of other key campaign initiatives this month. Stay tuned!
Kind regards,
The Akademia Team
The Akademia
633 W. Fifth Street, 26th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071




I suppose I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your music.
First of all, your music is so inspiring.
The kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days, (You've been there through some of mine recently, and I don't know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.)
I hope to be able to be here to watch all of your future albums come out, and watch your fanbase grow.
All in all, thankyou for being so amazing. =] 
And here's well wishes for everything you do in the future, because you deserve only the best.




Wow.. God bless you my
love and I thank you so much, you’re so sweet, this motivates me.

Have a wonderful weekend and at the same time check out my new Album; ‘Chasing You” by Carlton Thomas! It is HOT

Thanks and have a God Bless day.



  1. TommyCCT – Always Love Texas
  2. PJ Brunson –Long Road
  3. Ed Roman- Lay One Down
  4. Diitto- Hey Hey Sweetie
  5. Jesse & The Brother – Squirrel Tooth Alice
  6. Jeremy Parson-Decide
  7. Angela Easterling – Black Top Road
  9. Diitto-Don’t Kick Me When I`m Down

10   .MARA JENNIFER- “Dreams”


Charlie Mason Radio (@charliemasonsc) tweeted at 11:00 AM on Mon, Jun 11, 2018:
Here is the Top 10 from last week! Congratulations to everyone! @MinisteTommycct @pbrunson4 @TheHoggBrothers @JMParsonsMusic @AngelEasterling @CTheoryBand
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