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Carlton Thomas, also known as Minister Tommy CCT, is an award-winning reggae gospel artist and songwriter with an angel’s voice and a master’s creative touch. Already singing at age seven, Thomas began recording popular music with his first group, The Jacketeers, by the time he was 15 in his home country of Jamaica. He pursued secular music successfully for many years in Jamaica, England, and Canada before dedicating his life to God in 1995. This changed the nature of his career dramatically and it became Thomas’s mission to preach the good news of the Gospel and to strengthen those who were hurting and weak.


In 2010, Minister Tommy restarted his musical career, writing and recording Gospel-infused reggae in an effort to use his talents for the Lord. He had his first hit with the track “Oh Why Should I Love You, Lord?” almost immediately and has had continued success ever since. He has seen his songs go to Number One on Reverb Nation and other important Internet music charts and won multiple Akademia Awards, including Artist of the Year and Best Reggae Gospel. One listen to tracks like “Plead the Blood” and “Keep Jamaica Safe” contains ample evidence that those awards were well deserved.


Thomas is still writing successful songs these days. He has made six CDs to date with no plans to slow down. 2018 has been a big year for him, one filled with accomplishments. Cris-Gaye Batson recorded his song “You’re Not Alone” and scored a major European hit with it. Thomas also released a country song called “Always Love Texas,” showing his ability to sing any genre, and it went to Number One on Charlie Mason Radio, as did his songs “Road of Success” and “Wave of Success.” “Wave of Success” was also Number One on Hot XR Radio Network’s Christian/Gospel chart for an extended period of time.



  1. TommyCCT – Always Love Texas
  2. PJ Brunson –Long Road
  3. Ed Roman- Lay One Down
  4. Diitto- Hey Hey Sweetie
  5. Jesse & The Brother – Squirrel Tooth Alice
  6. Jeremy Parson-Decide
  7. Angela Easterling – Black Top Road
  9. Diitto-Don’t Kick Me When I`m Down

10   .MARA JENNIFER- “Dreams”


 He lives in Texas now and is a highly-skilled fashion designer and tailor by trade who also models his own creations. His winning combination of talent, beliefs, and artistic vision make Minister Tommy CCT a leader in everything he does. Join his flock to see for yourself.

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