You're Not Alone

by Cris-Gaye Batson

Released 2017
C C Thomas
Released 2017
C C Thomas
Wow!! This is one beautiful song!! I was really blessed/moved by this song. Powerful and anointed to the max. As a songwriter/singer - I have to say this song with her voice is truly a "great song" !! This song is going to rock people, Bless God.
Cris-Gaye Batson has a wonderful voice. I`M glad she decided to sing this song, I know God directed her my way .
Cris-Gaye Batson singer/songwriter
Has an authentic soulful sound and her unique voice is what gives rise to the certainty that she is a stand out.
This song are fulfilling to the soul. She has variety and a God-filled message. She's an inspiration to the world through the stories in this music.
In every line she sings you could feel the anointing. When you are going through your storm, God wants you to know that He is there with you.
The beautiful thing about trials is that they will draw us closer to our King and make us stronger if He remains our focus.
This song will strengthen anyone in this world uncertain, this is for everyone. It is a inspirational song, very encouraging to all.

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