Road of Success

by Minister Tommy CCT & Danever Scott

Released 2016
Cc Thomas
Released 2016
Cc Thomas
This song reiterates the reality of the road to success. Living the Christian life is not easy, but if we develop a soldier-like mentality to face and challenge the obstacles that come our way, we will be able to achieve success with God’s help.
This song can be used as a reminder to encourage us when we hit rough waters. Life will never always be smooth and easy, but if we adapt to the attitude of enduring hard times -- never to give up -- success will eventually be ours.

“Music is the poetry of the air.”
“After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music,” and Danever expresses his music well.
Danever Scott has been singing since the tender age of seven. Discovering this passion opened a brand new world for the Kingston, Jamaica born musician extraordinaire.
Now a recording artiste; Danever recently released his new album entitled, “New Level,” which features collaborations with Rondell Positive, Ancient Priest and more. His works have received favorable reviews both locally and internationally, also by Motown Records in the USA.
Danever is a versatile and exemplary singer, but prides himself as a worshipper. He has made appearances on stage with artistes such as Ron Kennoly, the late Rev. Dr. Myles Munroe and other popular Jamaican gospel artiste such as Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, DJ Nicholas and more. He owes some of his appearances to major shows such as Fun in the Sun and Celebrate Jesus etc.
Mr. Scott is a Minister of Religion, Seminar Presenter and Workshop Facilitator just to name a few. He is committed to spreading the love of God to all.
Minister Scott is a Music Producer. He owns his production house and record label in Mandeville known as SMG Productions. He has done many work for persons locally and internationally. He is a vocal coach and is skilled also in graphic designing, videography, animation, video editing, playing the keyboard, lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums.
Danever and wife Terryann Scott are the proud parents of two children. The family is ministry oriented and endeavors to take the ministry of sharing Jesus Christ to as many persons they can, across the globe.
Was born in Howells Content, a village near the parish capital, May Pen, Clarendon. Now resides in Houston, Texas. He has over forty years in the music industry. He is a men’s wear Fashion Designer by profession and worked in that industry for over thirty years in Jamaica and Canada and still found time to engage in something that he is passionate about, writing and singing songs. A three times academia award with song entitle, “Harvest Of Plenty”
Collaborations with Danever Scott, George Nook, this song Road Of Success, will change your life,

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