I Dont Need a Thing a All

Wilford Thomas Aka Black Pearl
Gene Watson



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Wilford Thomas Biography


Wilford Thomas was born in Jamaica and raised in a little district call Content just on the out skirts of May Pen, Clarendon.  At age 8 he joined the church choir and sang at Christmas Concerts in his home town. His friends always wanted him to sing and record his songs.  Wilford and his brother Carlton loved to sing. Country & Western songs were his favorite. Marty Robbins big hit song..."Elpaso" made him quite famous in his district even in the church they were making request for him to sing that song.


 In the 1970’s  he was known as “Black Pearl” (named after his pearly white teeth)  He recorded a song titled “Take a message” which got a lot of air play on the radio stations in Jamaica, at that time he was guest singer along with Glen Washington for a band named “Names and Faces”.


Wilford migrated to Canada in 1980 and was employed with a security company, as a patrol driver on the midnight shift. The radio on the job was his only company. So he would search for suitable stations to listen. One night he came across a county music station named CFGM, that made him very happy because he had never listened to a country radio station before, country music was only being played once in a while on the radio stations in Jamaica. 

  Gene Watson, George Strait and Jim Reeves were some of the singers he listened to the most...Gene Watson and George strait songs played a lot’ he was fascinated with this one song, "I don't need a thing at all"

 A few months ago on a Sunday morning Wilford was on YouTube searching for Karaoke songs, he came across the   song "I don't need a thing at all" as he sang along with the music, it just seems right and sounded good.

 He asked his brother Carlton Thomas Aka “TommyCCT” and some friends to listen to it, the response was overwhelming. Hence the reason why he decided to record this song 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank his brother TommyCCT who has motivated Wilford over the years and  he produce this song for him and did the background vocals.

I do hope you all will like this song it as much as I do. 

Thank you all. 


Written by

Marcia Gunter-Henry JP





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